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Moving, unpacking, decorating, learning the quirks of the a new house, getting the children enrolled in school and helping them navigate this new experience, learning the neighborhood/community, finding my place. Getting settled. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last… 9 months? Almost 9 months.

It takes 9 months to create a human being and I suppose it should take at least that long to create a new life after a move. Even when the new life looks a lot like the old life, just in a new geographic location (and in a house we love, love, love). I’m not sure I feel settled yet– as I recall, it took me about 2 years in each of my previous cities to feel truly “settled.”

Jasper (above) was born around the time we moved into this house. I found him in the middle of the street one October morning and brought him home, hoping to find his family. I didn’t realize, of course, that I was his new family. Don’t get me started on people who dump animals, but in this case it has worked out well. I love this cat. He is home. And, I guess, so am I.

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