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Ready, Relaxed and Red

Monday, November 19th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Ready, Relaxed and Red

As always, once Sheri gets into town I am ready to kick off the holiday season.  Though we only see each other once a year (twice, if we’re lucky), Sheri’s presence relaxes me in a way no one else can.  We’ve known each other since 1988 and have been spending Thanksgiving together since 1990 (with the exception of two years, we think).  Though we have only lived in the same state (Florida) for a grand total of a year and a half, we have a friendship that doesn’t falter.  We’ll go a week—or a month—without being able to talk and an entire year without seeing each other and then pick up where we left off as if it was yesterday. 

We’re planning a trip for our twentieth anniversary next year.  We met in the summer, but I’m not sure when the trip will happen.  It kind of depends on where we go.  Paris, Costa Rica, Maine, Canada—it could be anywhere.  In all of these years of knowing each other, we’ve only gone on one trip together—London, 2003.  It turns out that we travel together as easily as we do everything else together.  It just works.

It’s hard to believe she’s been here two days already.  Thanksgiving used to be a long weekend, now we’re up to 9 whole days.  We haven’t yet hit a point where she’s been here too long.  The time flies by and it’s time for her to leave before I know it.  So, I enjoy it while she’s here. 

I’m fiercely protective of this week with Sheri—it’s precious to me for a lot of reasons.  She’s the sister I never had (though she has three of her own); she’s the closest thing to family I have besides Jay; she is my oldest friend, the one who remembers me when I was single while all of my closest friends only know me in the context of being married; she has always been there—even when Jay was deployed, regardless of what state we each were in, no matter what was going on in her life—she’s there.  I have other friends who are there for me, but Sheri has been there the longest and across the widest distance.  That kind of friend comes along once in a blue moon. 

Few people make me feel at ease in their presence, at peace with myself.  Sheri does that for me.  And let me tell you, I need that right now. 


Don’t I look peaceful?

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Ever Felt Like This?

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 • 4 Comments on Ever Felt Like This?


It’s been one of those weeks.  My goal for the next ten days, however, is to focus on the good stuff and worry about reality later.  Good goal, don’t you think?

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The Writer Returns, For Now

Friday, November 16th, 2007 • 1 Comment on The Writer Returns, For Now

I know, I’ve been a bad blogger.  Sorry.  I’m getting a little battered by life right now, which means blogging and my NaNoWriMo book have taken a hit.  There is a bunch of stuff going on, but nothing I’m ready to blog about yet.

However, I will say my long-lasting cold segued very nicely into a severe sinus infection which had me (me) doing the same-day walk-in appointment thing at the doctor on Monday (which I do not do—I cannot emphasize this enough).  In my defense, the only reason I went was because I was pretty sure I’d be in the ER with a full-blown asthma attack if I didn’t get treated.  Not being able to breathe is enough to get me to a doctor.  (That wasn’t always the case, which is why I know my limits now.)  To be honest, I thought it was something more serious than a silly little sinus infection, but the chest X-ray ruled out pneumonia.  Not that I’m disappointed—much.  I just feel stupid being one of those whining walk-in types.  I just don’t do that.  (I may have mentioned that.)

Unfortunately, the short, convenient course of antibiotics I was given for the sinus infection did not agree with me.  I was told I was having an “adverse” reaction as opposed to an “allergic” reaction, but I decided I’d rather live with a sinus infection than continue taking the antibiotics.  Today, at a scheduled appointment, I was given a new course of antibiotics—the old-fashioned, inconvenient, three-times-a-day amoxicillin.  Wooo.  Sometimes it pays to go old school.

So, between medical issues, a tremendous lack of rest (even for me), vet issues of all sorts and personal life issues on various fronts, I’ve had little energy to do much more than the necessities (feed the pets, medicate the pets, answer student e-mails, grade student essays, etc.).  I’m itching to get back to writing—writing anything at this point—but though I’m finally starting to feel a little better, my energy level is pretty much zero.  Hopefully that will change soon, because there is not only much work to be done, but much fun to be had in the next week.  Sheri arrives tomorrow, Jay arrives next Wednesday and Thanksgiving and all of its bounty (cooked by me) is now in less than a week!  Plus, there is the annual Sunday Brunch to look forward to.  Hopefully I’ll feel like eating a real meal by next week.

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