I Want to Know What Love Is

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I’m just popping in to share a snippet of my Friday Oh Get a Grip! post.  This time it’s all about love:

Here’s the thing I’ve only figured out in the past few years—love isn’t received or processed in the same way by everyone. What I might consider the most loving gesture I can make can be considered smothering or received as criticism. And I know I haven’t always accepted gestures of love in the spirit they were intended. I need to be loved with words, because words are what I understand. I need to be loved with small gestures, like emails and text messages, because that constant emotional contact sustains my sensitive soul. I need to be loved with a single flower or one perfect cupcake, a song that reminds you of me, a 25¢ toy from a gumball machine, just because. It’s remembering I said I wanted to go to that place sometime or that I really want one of those things—and then taking me there or getting me one. That’s what love is to me. I also need to be loved with the word “yes” because—to me—love is being supportive of any crazy thing I want to do. Saying “Yes!” to my madness is saying you love me. And saying “Yes!” to you is me telling you I love you and support you and believe in you. I guess my version of love is the opposite of tough love—it’s marshmallow fluff love.

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Yes, I Am Having a Baby

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I’m discovering there are people who still don’t know I’m pregnant. I’m not conceited enough to think that everyone should be up-to-date on my current status, but I figure between Facebook, blog and email that everyone who knows me knows I’m getting fatter by the hour. But no, I got a note from someone this morning who didn’t know I was pregnant. The congratulations and good wishes never get old, so it was nice to spend a few minutes talking baby and pregnancy when my usual talk these days is book, book, toddler, food, book, book, toddler, food. (I’m hungry all the time, it seems.)

So yes, for those who may have missed it in all the book promotions and calls for submissions, I am having another baby.  I’m almost 23 weeks pregnant and things are going along swimmingly, for the most part. Patrick has been rocking our world for 17 months tomorrow and in 4 months, his baby brother will be joining the band. I still have days when I can’t wrap my mind around the idea of having two babies. Despite the fact that I will refer to him here as a toddler, Patrick is still a baby as far as I’m concerned. Even if he looks like a little boy.


The family tradition of feeding the raccoons continues! (Patrick thinks they’re cats. He meows at them.)

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I know I neglect this blog for stretches at at time and I sometimes wonder if I’ve just fallen into a rut and need to climb out. I’ve contemplated revamping my website—new look, new attitude, maybe?—but I have neither the time nor the money right now. Or maybe I just have too much other stuff on my plate and a lot of the stuff I would normally post here finds its way over to Facebook as shorter, more manageable status updates.  In any case, I will try to be a better blogger and also share some of my other writings around the internet.

Right now, I’m guest blogging pretty much everywhere for Dream Lover when I’m not reading submissions for Best Erotic Romance 2012.  If you are so inclined, you can stop by the Borders True Romance blog today and post a comment for a chance to win a copy of Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance! 

From my Borders True Romance post:

This collection was a labor of love as I have been interested in the paranormal since I read my first Stephen King novel as a young teenager. The appeal of the otherworldly (or underworldy) cannot be denied. To step outside our own reality and explore the farthest reaches of our imaginations to discover the creatures of the night, the magic in the ether—oh, it makes my heart beat faster just to think of the possibilities! And so I’m delighted to present Dream Lover: Pararnormal Tales of Erotic Romance to you. I hope the stories in this anthology will haunt your dreams as they have haunted mine—in the best possible way!

I had so much fun putting this book together. I hope it finds a wide readership among erotic romance fans.


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