It Behooves Me to Post My First Radio Interview

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 • 5 Comments

For those so inclined to listen to me talk about erotica, academia, motherhood, sex, books and life, here is the link to my first radio interview on LA Talk Radio:

Lunch with the Loveologist, Wendy Strgar

(Scroll down to April 20, 2011) 

It was a fun experience and the last-minute scheduling was probably a good thing, otherwise I might have been ridiculously nervous. I haven’t actually listened to the interview yet—I’m not sure I can. I heard the first couple of minutes, but I hate listening to myself. I hope I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. (Though I’ve been informed by Jeremy Edwards that I use the word “behooved” and I honestly don’t recall ever using that word in my entire life, so I must have been channeling someone else.)

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Monday, April 25th, 2011 • 5 Comments


I received pretty pretty postcards this morning from my publisher Cleis Press this morning. I new Dream Lover was going to be featured, along with D.L. King’s Carnal Machines and Delilah Devlin’s Girls Who Bite, but I didn’t know they were also going to include Fairy Tale Lust and Steamlust.  Wow! I stared at this postcard for a bit this morning, wondering when I had time to work on three anthologies—and realized that as of this week I’m up to five—I have a shiny new contract for a shiny new anthology!  Call for submissions coming soon. 


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Of Radio Interviews, Erotica Readings and Writing Workshops

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 • 1 Comment

image   In other words… it’s book promotion time!  Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance is now available on Amazon and will be hitting the bookstores in a few days! I am in love with this delicious collection of paranormal tales and I hope the readers will love it as much as I do.  Time will tell…

In the meantime, I did my very first radio interview today with Wendy Strgar for her LA Talk Radio show Lunch with the Loveologist.  One… whole… hour… Eek!  It was fun and I was surprisingly comfortable, maybe because I felt like I was just having an hour-long phone conversation about writing, erotica, life and sex—which I guess I was, except there were other people listening in.  It was very last minute deal, otherwise I would have posted a link for you all to listen in. But the good news is I will be posting a link to my interview shortly for those who are so inclined. Fun! Next up, television! (Just kidding. I’d probably die of fright. Give me a phone conversation any day!)

I also have some events in the works for Baltimore (a reading at Sugar and a writing workshop at Breathe Books) and Richmond, VA (a talk about “trends in the paranormal fiction business, the market for erotic romance and balancing writing, editing, teaching, and motherhood” at Fountain Bookstore).

And… I’ll be guest blogging at about a dozen websites in the coming month, talking about paranormal romance, erotica, the writing life of a new and pregnant mom, my favorite things (chocolate, the ocean, butterflies, etc.) and giving away books, chocolate, Starbucks giftcards, buttons, postcards, a kidney or two… the usual. wink I’ll post links as things come up and I do hope you’ll stop by, say hello, post a comment, win a prize…

I’ll also have a few copies of Dream Lover to send along to people who might be interested in reviewing it for Amazon. I’ll most likely post those giveaways on Twitter and Facebook, so if you haven’t already, please feel free to follow or friend me (and I will certainly do the same).

I think that’s all in the world of book promotion. For now, at least. I love the release of a new book—it feels like my birthday and Christmas all rolled up and put between two pretty covers!  Wheeee… here we go!

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