Doing the Math

Monday, December 29th, 2003 • 3 Comments on Doing the Math

262,800 minutes

4380 hours

182.5 days

26 weeks

Six months is a long, long time to be lonely.

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Here Comes Santa Claus…

Wednesday, December 24th, 2003 • 1 Comment on Here Comes Santa Claus…

It’s a rainy, dreary, icky day.  It’s also Christmas eve!

I don’t need to get anywhere close to a mall today, which is reason enough to be happy, but I have much to look forward to this Christmas.  Good friends, yummy food and pretty, sparkly presents cancel out the lousy weather.

May your days be merry and bright

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Coming Soon:  Something Meaningful

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003 • No Comments on Coming Soon:  Something Meaningful

I want to write about the over-commercialization of Christmas and the insanity of trying to shop this week.

I want to write about identity and gender now that I’m almost done with Middlesex.

I want to write about my goals and plans for 2004, which are similar to resolutions but without all the pressure and expectation.

I want to write about how I’ve been feeling and the multiple personality disorder I seem to suffer every December.

I want to write about old friends who briefly reappear in my life at this time each year, only to disappear again in January.

I want to share recipes of all the goodness I’m baking (and plan to bake) this week.

I can’t seem to organize my thoughts into anything cohesive, so I’ll save the deep thoughts for later this week (hopefully).  In the meantime… I am in love with this site.  I know some people who are going to get pajama-grams in 2004.  Wooooo.  Who doesn’t love a pair of froggie flannel pajamas??

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