Just for Rose

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003 • 2 Comments

You are loved.

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The Highly Selective Book Club with Only Two Members (TM)

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003 • No Comments

So, the inaugural meeting of The Highly Selective Book Club With Only Two Members (TM) was very successful.  I feel like we should have taken a picture to commemorate the event.  I can’t wait to pick the next book, which will hopefully happen Saturday.  I’m already thinking of titles to suggest.

Since this was our first meeting, we didn’t really have any rules and regulations (are those called bylaws?  I want bylaws!).  We’ll have to hammer out a few details for next time, but this is what I learned this time around:

—Coffee is good.  Very good.  Coffee should be a required book club beverage.
—I should spring for the good bagels, even if it’s a bit of a drive to get them.
— 10 a.m. is not a good time to meet to discuss a book.  11 a.m. would be better, especially on a day when I don’t have a gazillion other things to do.
Jae should bring his own paper and pen.
— I need to take notes as I’m reading the book.  My thumb is sprained from flipping through the pages trying to find certain passages.
— Two is a good number for a book club, no matter what anyone else says.
— Picking titles out of a hat made from an animal’s skin may seem creepy, but when the book is Virgin Suicides, it is somehow fitting.
—I am a much more motivated reader when I have a deadline.
— We should not choose a book either of us has read, started reading, or heard too much about.  We should also not choose a book when either of us has seen the movie version.  (I’m talking to you, Jae.)

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That Jeffrey Eugenides is One Wacky Guy

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003 • 4 Comments

So, Jae and I met this morning to discuss Virgin Suicides.  We had to do our book discussion at the unfortunate hour of 10 a.m. because I am too much of a social butterfly.  The only time I could fit him into my weekend schedule was before work (and next week is Thanksgiving-and-Sheri week, so that was out).  I do not do my best thinking in the morning, so I’m sure I forgot to make some key points.  There were bagels and cream cheese and yummy Starbucks coffee with chocolate creamer to fortify us and a great discussion of the book which segued into a discussion about how society handles tragedy.

The consensus was that

Virgin Suicides

is a good book with some very confusing and unexplained (and unexplainable?) messages.  Jae made some good points that I hadn’t considered, especially about how men need to “fix” things and are intrigued by a woman’s mysterious qualities (whether those mysterious qualities are real or imagined).  Eugenides has an interesting writing style and a way of throwing out off-the-cuff comments that stick with you (“the two year-old Catholic mistake” is still my favorite).  This is a book filled with sexual and religious undertones, suburban decay and familial rot, wasted youth and numbing adulthood.  Now I’m really interested in reading Middlesex.

There’s no doubt that Jeffrey Eugenides is a talented writer (a Pulitzer prize-winning writer, at that), but there is a certain smugness about his writing, as if he’s just a little too impressed with his own cleverness, that gets on my nerves.  It’s a minor sticking point and hopefully one he outgrows in


.  I’d also have to say he has a twisted little imagination.  Makes me wonder what he’s doing when nobody is watching.  Then again, maybe that’s the point of the book.

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